To further its work, the Council establishes five Standing Committees: the Executive Committee, the Program and Evaluation Committee, the Resource Development Committee, the Finance/Budget Committee and the Charter Compliance Committee.  All standing committees address policy issues and make recommendations to the Board of Directors, or to the Executive Committee, as it applies to the charge of the committee.

Executive Board Committee
The Executive Committee performs consultation and oversight functions on all Collaborative Council executive matters including, but not limited to, policy, personnel, finance, legal, auditing, and accountability; and, where appropriate, coordination of issues that affect all of the Collaboratives.

Program and Evaluation Committee
The Program and Evaluation Committee addresses and recommends policies and develops programs that impact the Collaboratives ability to serve, stabilize and rebuild the capacity of the communities.

Resource Development Committee
The Resource Development Committee is responsible for establishing a process for leveraging and coordinating resources for the Healthy Families/Thriving Communities Collaboratives; coordinating resource development on a city-wide basis with associate members and similar initiatives; and increasing the Council’s and Collaboratives knowledge of federal, local, and other funding sources.

Finance and Budget Committee
The Finance and Budget Committee is responsible for reviewing and making recommendations regarding operating, capital and other fund budgets to the Board of Directors annually and performing financial review functions for the Board including the review of financial reports and fiscal policies. The committee is also responsible for recommending to the Board the engagement of the annual independent auditor and recommending any borrowing.

Charter Compliance Committee
The Charter Compliance Committee is responsible for reviewing  and making recommendations for amendments to charter compliance procedures and documents; forming subcommittees and training volunteers to implement the charter compliance process; making recommendations to the Collaborative Council regarding any feedback on program improvements; providing the Collaborative Council’s Executive Director with any technical assistance necessary to complete any identified program improvements; expanding and revising the Committee’s purpose as needed.