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Collaborative Reports & Resources

Retrospective Study Report This report looks at the families served by Washington, DC’s Healthy Families/ Thriving Communities Collaboratives.

2009 Collaborative Scorecard

2010 Collaborative Scorecard

2011 Collaborative Scorecard

FEED Evaluation

The Healthy Families/Thriving Communities Fatherhood Education, Empowerment and Development Program (FEED) Evaluation Reports are now available.

FEED EVALUATION REPORT-YEAR ONE-This report summarizes findings from two (2) key evaluation questions that would support efforts to develop the program:
1) How is the FEED program implemented and how does it operate?
2) What are the characteristics of fathers who are served by the program?

FEED EVALUATION REPORT-YEAR TWO-This report summarizes program evaluation findings from the second year of program operations (March 2007-September 2008). The report is divided into four chapters. Chapter One provides an overview and a description of data sources for the evaluation. Chapter Two summarizes the characteristics of program participants. Chapter Three addresses issues of program implementation, and Chapter Four assesses outcomes for fathers served by the program.

FEED EVALUATION REPORT-YEAR THREE-This report includes findings from a program implementation evaluation and an outcomes evaluation. Together, the analyses address key research questions that inform the FEED program?s efforts to develop program implementation.