Council Initiatives

The HFTCC Council currently has three initiatives:

The Fatherhood Education, Empowerment, and Development Program (FEED) responds to the needs of fathers with interventions and supports such as job readiness, training, and placement, parent coaching, and building healthy relationships with children and birth-mothers.

The Care Coordination and Diversion Program (CCDP) provides parenting support, coaching and advocacy to severely emotionally disturbed youth and their families. By utilizing the child and family team meeting process, formal and informal resources are identified and directed towards preventing youth’s placement in a psychiatric residential treatment facility.

The Partnership for Community-Based Services (PCBS) is a joint practice model with the Child and Family Services Agency aimed at reducing abuse and neglect rates, using public and community resources more efficiently, and improving family engagement and outcomes so every child in the District of Columbia can live in a safe, stable, permanent home, nurtured and supported by healthy families, strong communities, and a coordinated cohesive child welfare system of care.