Care Coordination and Diversion Program (CCDP)

Care Coordination and Diversion Program (CCDP) provides parenting support, coaching and advocacy to severely emotionally disturbed youth and their families. By utilizing the child and family team meeting process, formal and informal resources are identified and directed towards preventing youth’s placement in a psychiatric residential treatment facility. Support to the youth and their families is provided in a team approach comprised of staff from Far Southeast and Georgia Avenue Collaboratives, Department of Mental Health, as well as other social service agencies and community organizations.

To provide quality and timely Child and Family Team Facilitation, care coordinators and family support partners work in a Child and Family Team Meeting (CFTM) model. This is a facilitated meeting where youth, family members and all providers discuss needs, recommended interventions, and coordinate services. Decisions about all services are made by the family with each meeting resulting in a comprehensive case plan.

The Coordinator/Facilitator is responsible for facilitating the CFTM practice. If designated by the Child and Family Team, a team member may assume responsibility for leading team meetings and moderating discussions to facilitate consensus in the development of a Plan of Care and interventions. Individuals other than CFTM Coordinator/Facilitator (i.e. family members, Child Protective Services’ case managers, and natural supports) can learn to lead effective Child and Family Team meetings.

Family Support Partners (FSP) provides intensive levels of direct support for families who need it as they work closely with the facilitator to obtain desired outcomes at the family level.