Partnership for Community-Based Services (PCBS)

The Healthy Families/Thriving Communities Collaborative Council and Collaboratives created a joint practice model with the Child and Families Services Agency (CFSA) called the Partnership for Community-Based Services (PCBS) in 2008. The Collaborative Council shepherded the two year planning process among the Collaboratives and CFSA in response to a need for a more coordinated and comprehensive approach to addressing the complexity of family issues. PCBS included the integration of 70 CFSA staff including social workers, supervisors and social service assistants from In-home services into Collaborative office sites, and is designed to accomplish the following system level outcomes:

  • Abuse and neglect rates are reduced;
  • Community and public resources are used more efficiently; and
  • Family engagement and outcomes are improved.

PCBS Vision: Every child in the District of Columbia shall live in a safe, stable, permanent home, nurtured and supported by healthy families, strong communities, and a coordinated cohesive child welfare system of care.

Our work toward this vision is guided by the following cores principles:

  • child centered;
  • family focused;
  • community connected;
  • strengths-based;
  • solution focused;
  • cultural responsiveness;
  • cultural competency;
  • and commitment to quality practice